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  • About is a collaborative photo project about happiness.

    The idea is that happiness is everywhere. Big or small. So close or so far away. Just open your eyes and your mind to feel it, see it or touch it.

    Agree ?

    Feel free to spread happiness all over the world and participate to this project by sending your pictures of happiness. (Few tips before submitting your photography)

    Julien :)

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    Few tips before submitting your photography

    1- Minimum width : 900px / Minimum height : 600px

    2- Give a title to the post beginning by "Happiness is like ..."

    3- Give a title to your photography

    4- Give us the date and place of your photography

    5- Give us your name or nickname

    6- Give us your flickr account, blog, gallery, website (if you have one)

    7- Add a little description of your photography or the reason why you choose it to illustrate happiness (english or french / optional)

    Everything's checked ?

    So send your photography to and spread happiness all over the world !



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